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posted Mar 31, 2016, 6:55 PM by Bryan Brito
Before I enter the events of the day I wanted to take some time to respond to the questions posted. 

1.  Do you still think you are going to survive?
Whether or not I will survive is till an open question.  As you no doubt noticed I have taken a bit more risk than is my norm, but I do not believe that the training will kill me.  In fact if there is anything that worries me it is THE PAIN in now feel in every muscle of my body.  Today we ran about 10 miles... I am beat.        
2.  How is the food?
The food is fantastic, and there is a lot of it.  However the average recruit has about 2 minutes to eat their food so you must eat so fast that you barely have time to taste it.

3.  What is your favorite thing you have done so far?
Picking my favorite this is difficult.  I have really enjoyed challenging myself and I have the scrapes and bruises to prove it.  The sharpshooting range was spectacular, the tower was exhilarating, the crucible was incredible, but I guess I would have to say my favorite has been the hardest, the confidence course.  In the first test I had to jump from a log lifted about 2 feet off the ground to a log raised about 7 feet off the ground.  When you reach the second log you have to pull yourself up to a standing position and jump again to a log that is about 12 feet off the ground.  Standing on a log 7 feet off the ground was terrifying, but I finally managed it, then I made the jump to the 3rd log.  I barely got my head to the top of the log and had to pull myself up, I do not know where I found the strength reserves, but I made it to the top.  Once on top you have to hug the log, roll yourself underneath and then drop to the ground.  For my effort I received burns on both my arms and the pride of doing something I was sure was impossible, this was my favorite thing, and the skin burns my trophies. 

4. What is your LEAST favorite?
 I do not know if I have a least favorite thing.  Maybe getting up at 4 am is it.  I do love my sleep.

Cant wait to see all of you next week--if I am not hospitalized for my injuries.