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Nautilus LIVE with Cindy Duguay!

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Please tune in to the 6:00pm news on channels 6 and 13, tonight!
Today, October 9th, students at Tripp Middle School, Greene Central School, Leeds Central School, and Turner Elementary School connected LIVE with Cindy on the Nautilus via videoconferencing
with the Oceans Exploration Trust in Rhode Island. Students asked questions, and Cindy shared her experiences aboard the expedition during the half-hour satellite connection. Camera crews from Channel 6 and 13 were present, as well as the Lewiston Sun Journal.

From October 4th through the 18th, our Gifted and Talented teacher, Cindy Duguay, will be exploring possible causes of earthquakes and Tsunamis off the coast of Puerto Rico with Scientists and Investigators. She, as well as other selected teachers, will work with various experts and  technologies (including Remotely Operated Vehicles-ROV) while traveling aboard the Nautilus. You can follow the explorations, LIVE at:

Project Description (Author: Dr. Dwight Coleman)
We intend to work off the north coast of Puerto Rico, proximal to where a large M7.2 1918 earthquake produced a tsunami that struck northwestern corner of the island. Multibeam bathymetry and additional seismic profiles have identified a large landslide in that area and hydrodynamic models suggest that it could have been the source of the tsunami. This target
will be investigated with the Hercules and Argus ROVs. We will also dive along several transects up the vertical walls of the Mona Rift, which are 4000m (13,123 feet) to 1500m (4921 feet) depth.

Nautilus Exploration Program

The Nautilus Exploration Program was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard. Our international exploration program centers on scientific exploration of the seafloor launched from aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, a 64-meter (211-foot) exploration vessel currently based in the Caribbean Sea and additional research vessels. In addition to conducting pure scientific research, the Nautilus Exploration Program offers telepresence to explorers on shore via live video, audio and data feeds from our ships. The Program also includes an education component that brings educators and students on ocean expeditions.

Educator at Sea Science Communication Fellowship Program
This program brings 21 educators to sea during the 2013 expedition season. Prior to their expeditions, our selected educators participated in an intensive multi-day training workshop with experienced members of the Corps of Exploration at the University of Rhode Island from May 6-9, 2013. During this Science Communication Workshop, the Educators at Sea prepared for shipboard responsibilities by attending sessions hosted by scientists, engineers and communicators to learn about their expedition’s mission, science and technologies. The Educator at Sea Science Communication Fellowship Program is sponsored in major part by the Bechtel and the Office of Naval Research.

To Learn more, download the 2013 Season Overview.
Oct 7, 2013, 7:33 AM