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Student Walk Out Not Rescheduled

posted Mar 20, 2018, 11:15 AM by Peggy Gaumont

We, as a school, have taken steps to show our support for Stoneman Douglas High School and the individuals who lost their lives there.  Over the last several weeks, students organized an effort to make a quilt for their peers in Florida.  Through their HPT’s each student and staff member had an opportunity to personalize a square and then students in the Fiber and Fabric class combined each square into the completed quilt.  The quilt was actually completed over the weekend and presented yesterday during our student of the quarter assembly.  It is currently on display in the office and will be shipped to Stoneman Douglas along with a picture of the student body displaying the quilt.

When the event was planned for last week, it was intended to coincide with the one month anniversary of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  Students and I had worked closely to plan an event that would demonstrate our support for the community at Stoneman Douglas High School, while avoiding the politically charged atmosphere surrounding the student walk-out.  There was a great deal of thought that went into the planning for last week.  One of the aspects we looked at was planning something that could take place before school last Wednesday.  At the time, students were adamant they wanted to participate at the scheduled time and on the scheduled day.  When we discussed it last Monday, both students and I agreed that even though there was snow predicted, Wednesday was the day and we weren’t looking at rescheduling.  As you know the weather turned out such that we did not have school on Wednesday.  There were schools, granted they were south of here, where students, even though they didn’t have school, still organized and participated in an event of their own on Wednesday.  There have also been schools that have rescheduled and these schools saw mixed results, at least one of which had different groups of students with competing messages. The intended message of support for the school community in Parkland, Florida was overshadowed by other, more political messages.  I believe this was at least partially due to the loss of the symbolism of gathering on the one month anniversary of the tragedy itself.

Beyond that, I have offered to work with students who are interested, to organize an event that could take place either before or after school, if they want to show further support for the victims of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  I’m confident that we can continue to show our support for all victims of school violence in ways that everyone in our school community can support.