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Extra Curricular Activity Eligibility

posted Oct 14, 2016, 10:03 AM by Gail Marine

Grades will be pulled for eligibility on Monday morning, as the 15th will fall on the weekend.  This eligibility check we are going to follow the high school model outlined in MSAD52 Policy JJJ. 


Eligibility will be determined using a tiered system. Tier one: Students maintaining course grades of 2.6 or above based on the Overall grade in all classes, will immediately be considered eligible for the upcoming grading period. Tier Two: If the student has a course grade(s) below 2.6 but not less than 2.0, the Habits of Work (H.O.W.) score(s) from those courses will be considered. If the H.O.W. score in the course(s) is 2.6 or above, the student will be considered eligible. If the H.O.W. score in the course is below a 2.6 the student would be ineligible. Tier Three: If a student has a course grade below a 2.0 that student would not be eligible to participate in an extra curricular activity for two weeks, or until the above expectations are met. If the student does not improve the grade in the two-week period they would then be off the team or activity for the rest of the season/trimester.  


This will mean we are looking only at the overall course grade, not the standards, along with the Habits of Work. We are going to look at only pulling grades monthly, on the 15th of each month. Pulling grades for eligibility every two weeks does not give the students enough time to work on recovery of their grades. Thank you for your support as we continue to work on this element of our new grading system. We are working hard to do what is best for the students.


Kindest regards,

Gail Marine